11 Places In Canada Where Movies And Shows Were Filmed

11 Places In Canada Where Movies And Shows Were Filmed

Marcel Stevens

Marcel Stevens

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Basically, Canada is one big studio! I’ve rounded up 11 cool places across The Great White North that acted as the set locations for some well-known titles, so let’s hop on an imaginary tour bus and get into it:


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse — Camping Spot

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There are many tours around Vancouver, B.C. specialising in Twilight sightseeing, but one of the more interesting parts of touring the vampiristic spots would be the hike along Mount Seymour. Here you can re-live your own zesty vampire/werewolf love triangle (camping set not included).


Schitt’s Creek — The Entire Town

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You can literally just head on over to the town of Schitt’s Creek (kinda)! The real-life area is none other than Goodwood, Ontario and here you can relive basically every part of the show — from Roland and Jocelyn’s home to the town hall, and even David’s apothecary! I feel the need to say, however, don’t actually go into anyone’s home since the town is… y’know real.


Brokeback Mountain — “Wyoming”

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The Rocky Mountains of Alberta was the real stage for everyone’s favourite “cowboys that are boyfriends” film! After taking a few pictures of the beautiful landscape, you can also head to Calgary and have a night at Ranchman’s, the real-life version of the bar in the movie!


Riverdale —The Highschool

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Though most of the show was filmed in a studio in Vancouver, the homes of multiple characters and Riverdale Highschool are real buildings you can go see! A good bit of the high school is set in John Oliver Secondary School in Vancouver, B.C.


Mean Girls — Regina George’s House

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Paramount / Via youtube.com

Regina George’s home was made of dreams and pink — it was seriously so cool! It was recently for sale, so ~congrats~ to whoever is living the total dream. The 20,000 sq ft 6 1/2 bedroom home with a pool, guest house, library, and an elevator (?!?!?) is located behind a gate, of course, in Toronto’s Bridle Path neighbourhood!


The Shape of Water — The Research Facility

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Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via youtube.com

The real-life locations of this film are far less creepy and wet… thankfully. The exterior shots of the research facility that Eliza works in are actually just the architecture of the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus — more specifically, the John Andrews Building houses the research facility. While you’re sightseeing, definitely also visit the Elgin Theatre where the “waterman” goes and where the film itself actually premiered!


The Boys — Seven Tower

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Prime Video / Via youtube.com

You might’ve missed it since the building was altered with CGI in the show, but the ~real~ Seven Tower is actually just Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto! The exterior of the building lends itself as the face of Seven Tower while the interior has been the set for business party scenes and different modern room shots.


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before — The Corner Café

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Netflix / Via youtube.com

This adorable diner in this adorable film was the set for many adorable scenes of the adorable main couple — and you can recreate those moments! Located in North Vancouver, the restaurant can be spotted easily as it has the same name as it did in the film, and looks exactly the same. Grab a burger, share a plate of fries with someone, and fall in love here!


The Revenant — The Wilderness of South Dakota

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20th Century Studios / Via youtube.com

Who knew The Revenant and Brokeback Mountain would have something in common? The beautiful landscape seen throughout this film is, once again, not in the United States — it’s the Rockies of Alberta! The film was near entirely shot in Kananaskis Country and Bow Valley, and it’s just truly a testament to how beautiful nature can be.

What other shows and movies do you love that were filmed across Canada? Let us know in the comments!