13 5-Year Plan Templates & Worksheets for 2022

13 5-Year Plan Templates & Worksheets for 2022

Marcel Stevens

Marcel Stevens

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Need some help in achieving your dreams?

If so, you might consider using the right goal-setting tools to create the life you want.

A five-year plan can change the way you set goals and help you find success.

To help you get started, we are sharing a collection of templates and worksheets to give you inspiration for creating a five-year plan template for yourself.

The Main Advantage of Having a Five-Year Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish,” said French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of the book The Little Prince.

Whether you’re thinking about developing your skills, beginning a project, or embarking on a new career path, having a five-year plan is the roadmap for achieving your goals.

Unlike a one-year plan, a five-year plan gives you ample time to do the proper groundwork and lay a strong foundation for what you want to achieve.

In addition, unlike a 10-year plan, a five-year plan gives you just the right amount of urgency to achieve your goals.

Delaying something you want to accomplish for a very long time often results in complacency and procrastination. It makes you forget the urgency of what you’re striving for.

A Quick Guide to Creating a Five-Year Plan

Worksheets and templates are quite useful when formulating a five-year plan. Prior to filling out your template, however, you need to consider and write down several important things:

Read on to check out the list of templates we have prepared for you.

1. The 5-Year Career Plan

This template is simple and effective, making it ideal for creating a five-year career plan.

It has space near the top of the page for stating your dream job.

In addition, there are corresponding spaces for writing your plans for the next five years. For every year, you can write your action plan on how to tackle your annual goals in three major aspects of your professional life:

2. Botanical Theme Future Life Plan

This botanical-themed template provides space for formulating your plan for a perfect future.

It has a column for a number of different timeframes, starting at the six-month mark.

There are also columns for specifying your exact vision, as well as a “How” column where you write down your plans for achieving this vision.

3. 5-Year Goal Plan  

This template is divided into 4 sections. The first section has 2 boxes where you can indicate, respectively, the start date of a goal and its date of completion.

In the next section, space is provided where you can write down your major goal and a few sentences of why it’s important.

The next section features 2 columns. In the first, you can write your action plans for your major goal. The second column is where you write the things that will help you achieve your goal.

In the last section, you can identify possible obstacles, as well as specify the reward you’ll receive for achieving your goal.

4. Life Plan Brain Dump  

This template serves as a brain dump for all your plans and ideas, allowing you to brainstorm your 5-year plan different areas of your life.

It has designated boxes for writing down specific goals in 1-year intervals for up to 5 years on the following areas of your life:

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5. Simple Long-Term Planning  

This template is designed to plan out your long-term goal and brainstorm supportive short-term goals to help you achieve it.

The template has more than enough space on the upper half of the page for writing out the details of a long-term goal. Meanwhile, the lower half portion has space dedicated for writing your action plan.

This involves listing down the specific short-term goals in support of the major long-term goal. There is a column featuring spaces for writing the due dates of each goal and also a bullet to tick once you’ve accomplished the goal.

6. Goal Setting Bundle