81 Love Affirmations To Attract A Specific Person

81 Love Affirmations To Attract A Specific Person

Marcel Stevens

Marcel Stevens

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Are you exhausted watching all of your friends attract their forever partners while you sit on the sidelines?

Maybe you feel a pang of jealousy every time you see a happy couple together.

It’s discouraging to watch everyone else’s love life fall into place, especially if you are pining after someone who seems to be just out of your reach.

If you’re used to feeling negative about your love life, then it’s no wonder you haven’t attracted that one special person into your life yet.

After all, negativity attracts more negative energy.

That’s where positive love affirmations come in!

What Are Affirmations for Love?

Affirmations are phrases, mantras, or statements that you repeat to yourself often.

They work by becoming ingrained in your mind, helping you take control of your mindset and rewire your negative thought patterns.

Maybe you’re watching your peers all around you fall in love, and you feel disappointed you haven’t yet found your soulmate.

It can be disheartening when that special someone is nowhere to be found, which is where manifesting love affirmations come into play.

You can use the power of positive affirmations in your love life by staying persistent.

When you radiate positive energy and show the world that you are open to love, you’ll attract the right relationship with a person that’s just right for you.

Can You Make Someone Fall in Love with You Using Affirmations?

Affirmations are not a magic love potion that will make someone suddenly become interested in you. If it were that easy, everyone would use them to attract their ideal partner!

Unfortunately, you can’t make someone love you or change their feelings, but by repeating daily affirmations to yourself, you can shift your mindset, so you are in a better position to receive the love you desire.

While you can’t make someone want to be with you, you can do the following things:

  • Gain clarity on what you want in a partner and what your ideal relationship looks like.
  • Condition your mind to look out for people who have the qualities you want.
  • Make yourself more attractive, interesting, and available to the type of person you want to meet.
  • Motivate yourself to engage more with the specific person you’re interested in.
  • Cultivate your confidence and self-worth so you can open your heart to receiving the fulfilling love you desire.

How to Use These Affirmations to Attract a Specific Person

The magic of affirmations comes from repeating them daily. They are most potent when you use them frequently because that’s when you’ll start to integrate the statements as beliefs.

When you open your heart to receiving the love you deserve, you’ll be in the best mental and emotional position to find it. Here are a few ways you can harness the power of affirmations to find your soulmate:

  • Keep a journal for writing down your favorite love manifestation affirmations.
  • Read your affirmations to yourself every morning before you do anything else.
  • Repeat your affirmations out loud in the mirror to yourself.
  • Keep these affirmations in mind as you put yourself out there and interact with potential love interests.
  • Use your affirmations as a guide when making decisions about your love life.

81 Love Affirmations For A Specific Person

Maybe there’s a certain person you have been crushing on in your life. Or perhaps you have specific qualities you would like in a partner, but you haven’t met your soulmate yet and want to attract them into your life.

Either way, you can use these powerful love affirmations to help you find the relationship you desire.

Replace the words “person” with the name of the person you’re trying to attract when repeating these affirmations!

1. I am first on my person’s list of priorities.

2. My person is first on my list of priorities.

3. My person cares for me deeply.

4. My person feels grateful to have me in their life.

5. I feel fully comfortable being myself around my person.

6. The more I love my person, the more they will return those feelings.

7. Every day, my person falls more deeply in love with me.

8. My person’s eyes light up when they see me.

9. The connection I share with my person is special and unique.

10. Every day, the bond between us grows even more.

11. I am ready for a healthy relationship with this person.

12. My person is ready to love me completely and unconditionally.

13. My specific person loves and cherishes me for who I am inside.

14. My person has eyes for me and me only.

15. Every day, my person feels drawn closer to me.

16. This person is the one I will spend my life with.

17. There is a powerful love connecting the two of us.

18. When I am with this person, everything feels right.

19. My person feels safe with me.

20. My person feels comfortable to be their most authentic self around me.

21. My person sees all my flaws and accepts and loves me anyway.

22. My person chooses to love me no matter the circumstances.

23. When this person is feeling down, I’m the first person they call.

24. I have so many things in common with my person.

25. In a crowded room, they search for me.

26. There is a divine love between this person and me.

27. My person has a deep respect for me.

28. I have a deep respect for this person.

29. From the moment we met, a seed of connection keeps growing between us.

30. No matter where life takes us, we will always be together.

31. The stars align whenever we are together.

32. My person is always only a phone call away.

33. My person places their trust and confidence in me.

34. My person thinks about me when I’m away.

35. When listening to a love song, my person thinks of me.

36. I open my heart to receive love and affection from my specific person.

37. I open my life to this person.

38. My person cannot picture their life without me in it.

39. I am attracting this person every moment just by being me.

40. The Universe is bringing this person and me together.

41. I have all of the attributes that this person seeks in a partner.

42. My person is everything I could ever need in a life partner.

43. Our personalities compliment each other and mesh perfectly.

44. I look forward to growing old with this person.

45. When my person looks at me, they feel an irresistible attraction.

46. My person feels a deep soul connection to me.

47. My person supports my dreams and ambitions.

48. This person feels supported by me in all they wish to achieve.

49. My person feels like they can tell me anything.

50. I am attracting a genuine connection with my person.

51. This person sees a future with us together.

52. My person can’t imagine a life without me in it.

53. I will be in a joyful relationship with this person.

54. I allow myself to be vulnerable with my person.

55. I know my person will always be by my side.

56. I trust that the Universe is working to bring this person and me together.

57. I make room for my soulmate to enter my life.

58. The Universe wants to offer me a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

59. My person feels a deep desire when they see me.

60. My person feels lucky to have met me.

61. My person feels they can trust me with everything.

62. My direction in life aligns perfectly with this person.

63. I trust that the right love is on its way to me.

64. I trust that my person will return the love I feel for them.

65. The relationship between my person and me will be beautiful.

66. We both work hard on our relationship.

67. The relationship we have is blossoming into a once-in-a-lifetime romance.

68. My person wants the best for me.

69. My person is happiest when they are with me.

70. I’m the last thing they think about at night and the first thing they think of each morning.

71. Even when we are apart, my person is loyal to me.

72. My person values me and our relationship.

73. My person would sacrifice anything to be with me.

74. My person always looks forward to spending time with me.

75. I feel uplifted by every interaction with this person.

76. Nobody else compares to me in my person’s mind.

77. My person feels the love and support I have for them.

78. This person appreciates everything I do for them.

79. We uplift each other in any way we can.

80. Our relationship together will be the best we’ve ever had.

81. I am the only person that my specific person is committed to.

If you are pining after that special someone in your life, these specific person affirmations will give you the tools you need to attract the love you desire.

By repeating these phrases to yourself, you’ll change your negative thought patterns and put yourself in a better position to receive fulfilling love. 

Even though you can’t force someone to love you, there are steps you can take to attract them into your life.