Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Marcel Stevens

Marcel Stevens

Marcel has over 12 years in journalism who enjoys writing, jogging, reading and tennis.


Matcha inexperienced tea has been around for about a thousand several years. And if you haven’t tried out it still, it is time. That may possibly have you pondering: what is matcha, in any case? Is it diverse from basic outdated green tea? If so, is it much better?

If you’ve at any time puzzled about any of those matters, you have come to the ideal location. Considering that matcha is a key component in Pep Rally, our new strength strengthen, I wanted to do a deep dive. Completely ready? Let’s go!

Matcha 101

Initially, let us converse about the common confusion between eco-friendly tea and matcha. To apparent it up, let’s start out with the essentials. Matcha is a certain style of environmentally friendly tea. That indicates that all matcha is inexperienced tea, but not all inexperienced tea is matcha.

For the reason that matcha is specifically grown and processed, the vitamins in the tea leaves are far more powerful and you get additional of that leaf in your consume. Mainly, matcha’s a extra productive vehicle for acquiring the goodness of green tea (believe: caffeine and anti-oxidants) into your process.

What makes matcha so great

Let us be very clear below: all green tea is wonderful for you. Matcha just provides you some of the rewards in a larger focus. Below are a several of my preferred issues about matcha:

It is loaded with antioxidants

Matcha has a lot more antioxidants than other types of environmentally friendly tea. This in essence usually means it offers your cells extra resources to battle destruction, aiding your human body continue to be balanced and stop long-term ailments, cancer, and additional. 

It presents you a pure strength improve

Because matcha is additional concentrated than eco-friendly tea, it provides additional caffeine. For reference, an eight-ounce cup of typical green tea has about 28 mg of caffeine. Which is in essence 50 % of what black tea has and about a quarter of the caffeine articles you’d uncover in an eight-ounce cup of coffee. Truthfully, I can drink a cup of environmentally friendly tea and not sense the power enhance at all until I genuinely shell out attention.

Matcha is distinctive, nevertheless. It can pack in twice as considerably caffeine as green tea or, relying on the planning, even a lot more. In Pep Rally, you are finding 80 mg of caffeine for each serving. But mainly because you’re having it from a organic source, you really do not have to be concerned about jitters or any of the other junk that can occur with a lot of the caffeinated products on the marketplace now. 

In fact, matcha also incorporates an component that can specifically combat that edge that comes with other kinds of caffeine: L-theanine.

It delivers L-theanine

Don’t forget how I mentioned that shading the inexperienced tea leaves all through the end of the expanding approach manufactured them build additional amino acids? This is the amino acid we’re chatting about. L-theanine is a rather strong software that can aid enhance emphasis and efficiency. Specifically, this amino acid can:

  • Assist you struggle strain and continue to keep your blood pressure steady even when you’re in nerve-racking situations
  • Make improvements to your aim
  • Assist immune wellbeing

It’s a power player in Pep Rally

For all of these reasons, we really substantially experienced to place matcha in Pep Rally. As section of the Pep squad, it aids you get that extensive-lasting, jitter-cost-free purely natural strength boost, in addition a lot more concentration, better unwanted fat burning, and enhanced athletic overall performance. If you want to crush your upcoming exercise or you are in want of a pick-me-up, phone in the Pep Rally! 

Our new enhance offers you what you require with pure sources (like matcha) so you can truly feel good not just in the second, but in general. Ditch the strength drinks and pre-workout and give on your own the improve you need with Pep Rally!