Eating Mustard Ice Cream, Edible Slime (And Other Weird Treats) At The CNE

Eating Mustard Ice Cream, Edible Slime (And Other Weird Treats) At The CNE

Marcel Stevens

Marcel Stevens

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Hi, I am Jordan! I appreciate extended walks on the beach, and ingesting slime. Just kidding, I cannot stand very long walks on the beach front. Slime on the other hand? You’ll just have to study to come across out.

If you live in or close to Toronto, you know that the finish of summer months is marked by a person significant celebration: The Canadian National Exhibition! It truly is lower-critical bittersweet— stuffing your face with funnel cake, all while understanding that university is just around the corner.

My sister Jesse and I haven’t been to The Ex since we ended up lil’ children heading with our grandparents (shout out to John & Wild Wilma). So when the CNE invited us down for a preview, we were energized to knowledge it as ~grownups~!

The CNE unveiled their new, extremely key menu for us to try to eat our way by way of. It. Was. Wild. Cotton sweet and meatballs. Mustard and Ketchup Ice Cream. Mac n’ Cheese Lemonade. What could go erroneous? Here’s what we tried:


Up initial, SLIME! IMO, modern society has gone way too far with slime. 1st we inform young ones not to eat it, now we’re indicating consume it?! No speculate this new generation is so baffled.


If you’re on the fence about ingesting your slime, how about having it? With this edible rainbow slime candy, you can blend distinct colours and perform with it much too.


Try to remember when doughnuts and croissants had a newborn to make cronuts? Now it is really all about the croffle— waffles and croissants.


Heading into nostalgia territory, we experimented with a Cinnamon Curd Crunch— our favorite childhood cereal, deep fried and drizzled with cream cheese. This was either gonna be delectable or definitely disgusting.


Jesse had been straight up stressing all morning about the Ketchup and Mustard Ice Product. We took an Instagram poll of which flavour she’d be pressured to try first, and the men and women spoke— MUSTARD!


Overwhelmed by the Mustard Ice cream, I had to phase in and consider one for the team and check out the Ketchup Ice cream.


We improved gears from sweets to savory food items with a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Chicken Sandwich. I personally have never ever had a Flamin’ Sizzling Cheeto in my lifetime, allow by itself a rooster version.


Our good friend chat group is referred to as The Vegans, so it was only fitting we try out something vegan. Enter: Eva’s Mac & Cheese Cones.


By this place we ended up pretty stuffed, but we challenged ourselves to shove down one particular final treat. The Leaning T.O.wer of Pisa. Cotton candy. Meatballs. Mozzarella. Panko. It experienced all the things.

There ended up ups and there had been undoubtedly downs (ahem, Mustard Ice Cream). That becoming stated, we are completely ready for the CNE infant!!! Let us goooooooo!

Wanna see what else we ate? Check out the video below for more eats!

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See every little thing we ate and more in the entire movie!

Which of these funky food items would you be energized to try? Permit us know in the remarks!