Jay Cutler Squashes Masters Olympia Return Rumors, Says New Physique is “Planned Transformation”

Jay Cutler Squashes Masters Olympia Return Rumors, Says New Physique is “Planned Transformation”

Marcel Stevens

Marcel Stevens

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At age 49, with 4 Mr. Olympia titles (2006-2007, 2009-2010) to his identify, Jay Cutler has practically nothing to verify. He’s one of the best bodybuilders of all time, bar none. But, just after an Oct. 14, 2022, Instagram post from fitness attire business Schiek Sports activities Inc. — in which Cutler posed and appeared ripped future to conditioning influencer Lexx Minor — speculation arose that the retired athlete was preparing a return to the phase.

On Oct. 17, 2022, Cutler tackled the rumors of his prospective aggressive return as a Masters bodybuilder (ages 45-furthermore). Amidst his clarification and thoughts for the long run, the icon clarified that he has no intention of competing shortly. In accordance to Cutler, his new lean physique that lit up the toughness sports sphere was about him getting better treatment of himself.


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Cutler wastes no time capturing down any considered of his competitive return in his video testimonial.

“Well, all those pics are floating on the internet right now from when I was in Venice [CA], and they’re starting up to say, ‘Oh, Jay is coming back for the Masters,’” claimed Cutler. “We will need to squash it.”

On Feb. 12, 2022, throughout an episode of his podcast, Olympia President Jake Wood signaled that, following an absence, the Masters Olympia would possibly return someday in the calendar year 2023. (Observe: At the time of this article’s publication, there has not been an official update on this entrance.) With that doorway open up, some in the bodybuilding neighborhood imagined Cutler would intend to stroll via it.

Cutler shot down that precise assertion, as very well, by expressing too a lot was browse into his brush with Tiny.

“Jake [Wood] is having it [the Masters Olympia], right? … It sounds about right. Jake would do one thing like that,” Cutler mused. “Drop the photo of me posing with Lexx Minor, who’s a pretty preferred influencer. So we did a online video jointly. He conned me into going to the posing room.”

Per Cutler, he assumed his posing stunt with Minor would be of little consequence and appeared to have entertaining with it a lot more than just about anything. It seems to have just been an regrettable oversight.

“You know me I really don’t pose,” Cutler claimed. “I do not want to say ‘conned,’ but he [Little] requested me, and I claimed, ‘You know what, I’ll go in there.’ I did not realize it would go so viral. Now it is floating everywhere.”

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As for why Cutler appears to be dedicated to sprucing up his physique in retirement by means of his education — he preserved he just wishes to glimpse fantastic and be healthful.

“I’m undertaking this entire body transformation challenge just to attempt to look my ideal,” Cutler stated. “That indicates currently being leaner, and I really don’t know what my physique is going to appear like, to be straightforward. Like ideal now, I’m definitely lean, but I could tighten up a couple spots. I want to get a small fuller. I never know if that automatically means even bigger on a scale, but that’s variety of the goal.”

Regardless of that program, even if he will not formally compete, Cutler did not rule out opportunity visitor-posing cameos.

“I’m not going on a competition stage, but you know what I would like if I felt self-assured adequate if my system really came all over more than enough, I would truly think about posing,” Cutler said. ” … I’m nevertheless obtaining a ton of requests to arrive out and pop into situations. So, it could be a likelihood.”

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Even if Cutler won’t be competing on any Olympia phase in the in close proximity to long run, it is very clear he’s fully commited to taking care of his wellness. For this bodybuilding legend, the grind by no means stopped — it just shifted in aim.

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