My Personal Opinions About A Bunch Of The Galaxies In The New NASA Photo

My Personal Opinions About A Bunch Of The Galaxies In The New NASA Photo

Marcel Stevens

Marcel Stevens

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They are all great AF, but some just appear cooler than others.

Have u heard? Place is large. 🙂 Here is just a speck of her in a new photo taken by my Razr Telephone camera. JK, this is prime-amount NASA things, a picture captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. The initially of its variety.

Room is wonderful, darkish and deep. You might be looking at the deepest infrared graphic of the universe at any time taken—the very first total-color image from @NASAWebb.

Go further on the galaxies of SMACS 0723 at #UnfoldTheUniverse

Twitter: @NASA

And in this picture, there are virtually countless numbers of galaxies. And it turns out, galaxies are basically awesome looking. Like, which is not just a built-up factor. THEY Seriously DO Glance Amazing.

So I zoomed in and determined to shout out some of the coolest-on the lookout kinds. For the reason that they are badass, and it really is not all about the Milky Way any more.

To start with, we have these guys. Consider finding your photo taken for the to start with time At any time but then getting pretty much wholly cropped out? It hurts! So I would adore to shed some light-weight on them. <3

This one is fiery and knows what she wants. LOVE HER!!

Gorgeous. Ethereal. Wise.

This galaxy is one of my personal favorites. Absolutely does not care to be the typical shape. Looks majestic. I love her!

WHO THE HECK IS THIS?! Doing her thing and killing it.

This one really has it going on! A stunner.

This is a duo you don’t wanna mess with!!

I get weird vibes from this one, so I’m moving on.

We love a good galaxy that’s just in a straight line!!!

Don’t underestimate this one. A gorgeous, gorgeous girl in her own way.

Obsessed with this one and the way it looks like it will beat you up.

This one has no definitive structure, but that’s what is great about it. Can do whatever it wants whenever it wants.

I love that this galaxy is clearly stoned!

Basic but not in a bad way — more like just a simple galaxy that likes simple things.

Obsessed with these two and whatever they are plotting.

Amazing color, great shape. Could have more definition, but that’s not their fault!!

Giving off bitchy vibes, but I trust that it’s just a facade.

I want to be their friend!!!!!!!

And finally, this one is visually incredible. This galaxy knows what it wants, and this winter break, it will GET IT!!!!! Absolutely iconic and perfect in every way. Love u!

Tell me your favorite galaxy in the comments below. <3 Bye!