Powerlifter Julius Maddox Crushes 700-Pound Bench Press for 4 Reps

Powerlifter Julius Maddox Crushes 700-Pound Bench Press for 4 Reps

Marcel Stevens

Marcel Stevens

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The bench press is Julius Maddox’s domain, and with a different modern outstanding feat, it doesn’t search like which is modifying any time soon. On April 24, 2022, the powerlifter locked out a 318-kilogram bench push (700-pound) for four unbroken reps — a new private document (PR).

Check out a video of the lift under, courtesy of Maddox’s Instagram profile:

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Maddox powers by the established with relative ease. 3 spotters are current to assist Maddox, but they never intervene. For the lift, Maddox donned a lifting belt and wrist straps. 

A Promising Rivalry

Exceptional feats on the bench press are very little new to Maddox. To day, he has never recorded a squat or deadlift in the course of a sanctioned competitiveness, as he exclusively focuses on his bench push prowess. The concentration compensated off for the powerlifter when he captured the recent all-time world history holder with a 355-kilogram bench press (782.6 lbs .) at the 2021 Planet Uncooked Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Hybrid Showdown III.

His up coming feat is to become the to start with male to bench press 800 pounds raw in a sanctioned competition. 

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=yDAuCTGO-j0

Maddox’s rival, Daniel Zamani, is the very first man to bench press 800 lbs, raw. The Iranian powerlifter notched the feat with a 365-kilogram raw bench push (804.7-pound) all through a training session on February 21, 2022. As each men contend as superheavyweights, if Zamani experienced concluded the press in the course of a level of competition, he would’ve supplanted Maddox’s record. 

Maddox and Zamani were being to square off in a bench push fight for supremacy at the 2022 Iron Wars V, but for undisclosed explanations, that never took place.

The 800-Pound Barrier

The pair have also put in some of their recent time polishing up their do the job with other lifts. 

In the two months considering the fact that Zamani captured the unofficial bench push file, he’s been sharing video clips of himself on Instagram grinding away with his deadlift. Although adorned in lifting straps, the Iranian athlete has pulled as substantially as 345 kilograms (749.8 pounds). 

Meanwhile, Maddox recently hit a 351.3-kilogram (775-pound) squat even though working with a Kabuki Transformer Bar in the course of a education session. Notably, he didn’t have on a lifting belt or knee sleeves for the raise. 

For Maddox primarily, his squat was most likely only a short term crack en route to climbing the 800-pound bench press mountain. Presented his latest development, it may only be a subject of time before the powerlifter joins Zamani in the hallowed territory. If or after that occurs, the remaining elephant in the space will be whether or not Maddox and Zamani eventually go head to head in a meet up with for the all-time world history. At the time of publishing, there are no ideas in the performs. 

While Maddox carries on to set PRs, the powerlifting entire world is absolutely ready for an official spherical of this promising bench push rivalry. 

Showcased graphic: @irregular_power on Instagram