Watch Strongman Trey Mitchell Crush a 405-Pound Behind-the-Neck Press for 3 Reps

Watch Strongman Trey Mitchell Crush a 405-Pound Behind-the-Neck Press for 3 Reps

Marcel Stevens

Marcel Stevens

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Ahead of the 2022 World’s Strongest Person (WSM), strongman Charles “Trey” Mitchell seems ready to make waves. On April 4, 2022, the American athlete pulled off a special feat of power while training when he logged a 183.7-kilogram driving-the-neck push (405 kilos) for a few reps. It is a sizable mark for what some could possibly take into consideration an unconventional variation of the overhead press — a staple of quite a few strongman gatherings. 

Verify out the comprehensive established in the video underneath, by means of Mitchell’s Instagram profile:

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Benefits of the Driving-the-Neck Press

Positioning is the primary difference between the guiding-the-neck press and a far more standard overhead press. 

In a common overhead push, a lifter rests the barbell on the front of their shoulders prior to urgent their bodyweight up. With a guiding-the-neck press, they begin by resting the barbell around the foundation of their neck and traps. This positioning calls for a lifter to make use of extra of their posterior upper system muscle tissues for the duration of the push — like their traps, rear shoulders (or deltoids), and higher back again. 

Lifters trying to find enhanced overhead press balance could contemplate applying the behind-the-neck press. This press, if executed accurately, may improve their shoulder vary of motion although simultaneously strengthening the muscle tissue loaded through presses.

These specific benefits can also extend to daily existence.

Over and above concrete general performance, analysis demonstrates that individuals with shoulder challenges are likely to have even worse posture, much less selection of movement, and weaker in general core steadiness. (1) By that similar token, people who engaged in reliable shoulder stabilization workouts noticed sizeable advancements in shoulder security and their posture. In some conditions, they even lessened any ongoing shoulder soreness. (2)

Its prospective rewards aside, the at the rear of-the-neck press does not appear with no pitfalls. 

If a lifter has weak shoulder mobility or if the weight’s much too heavy, the behind-the-neck push risks likely personal injury to their shoulder muscles — specifically their rotator cuffs. Plus, because of to the uncomfortable positioning of the barbell, a individual could strike their head or neck even though lowering the bodyweight again down.

Suffice to say that this is an overhead push variation better for persons with much more knowledge and with a measure of recognized shoulder steadiness and mobility. Someone like Mitchell — who routinely trains overhead presses for strongman level of competition — absolutely qualifies with the vital expertise. 

On the Horizon

Mitchell first started competing in professional strongman competitions in March of 2016. As he carries on to plug absent with his overhead presses, in this article are some of the 29-12 months-old’s a lot more noteworthy strongman effects more than the decades:

  • 2017 Official Strongman Online games — 1st all round | Very first vocation victory
  • 2018 Giants Are living North American Open up — 2nd all round
  • 2018 America’s Strongest Man — 1st over-all
  • 2021 WSM — 4th overall
  • 2021 Shaw Traditional — 1st overall
  • 2021 Arnold UK — 3rd all round

The 2021 WSM was the 2nd time Mitchell was able to qualify for the Finals for the duration of his profession. In mounting from eighth location to fourth over-all, he observed a substantial improvement upon his first Finals berth two years prior. If Mitchell can replicate a equivalent rise in the course of this year’s party, he might notch his initially-at any time WSM title. 

The 2022 WSM will happen on May 24-29, 2022, in Sacramento, California, exactly where Mitchell is by now a confirmed participant. Only time will explain to no matter if his behind-the-neck push electrical power in training pays off with a earn.


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